Colour Palette

You've come to the right page for unique frame colours like reds, yellows, blues, greens ... Add your custom single vision or progressive (varifocal) prescription to any of our sunglasses!
Scotch Tortoise Ice Grey Black From AED 290
Guinness Smoke Honeycomb Glitter Pink From AED 270
Scotch Tortoise Transparent Black From AED 290
Tortoise Spritz Transparent Black From AED 290
Tortoise Transparent Black Tan From AED 290
Blush Gloss Black Powder Heather From AED 270
Spring Summer Autumn Winter From AED 270
Speckle Eggshell Tortoise and Orange Tortoise and Turquoise Gloss Black Hot Pink From AED 270
Snow Leopard Scotch Tortoise Green Marble From AED 270
Tortoise Black Ice Grey Mahogany Crystal Red From AED 270