Blue Light

Protect your eyes from screens and relieve eye-strain with our clear lens blue light blocking computer glasses. Say goodbye to headaches and red eyes! You can also add your custom single vision or progressive (varifocal) prescription to any of our blue light blocking frames!

Tortoise Toffee Ice Grey Emerald From AED 280
Polished Gold Gloss Black Polished Silver From AED 280
Speckle Eggshell Tortoise and Orange Gloss Black Tortoise and Turquoise Hot Pink From AED 280
Snow Leopard Scotch Brown Green Marble Tortoise From AED 280
Satin Gold Matte Black Satin Silver From AED 280
Woodland Royal Blue Tortoise Calypso Matte Black From AED 280
Honeycomb Guinness Smoke Glitter Pink From AED 280
Gold Silver Black From AED 280
Satin Gold Satin Silver Matte Black From AED 280
Black Marine Blue Tortoise Pink Prosecco From AED 280
Tortoise Black Ice Grey Mahogany Brown Crystal Red Stone Grey From AED 280
Gold Black Silver From AED 280
Blush Pink Gloss Black Powder White Heather Purple From AED 280
Matte Black Ice Grey Tortoise Two-Tone From AED 280
Summer Yellow Autumn Orange Winter Blue Spring Green From AED 280
Iced Tea Tortoise Black Purple Tortoise From AED 280
Polished Silver Polished Gold Gloss Black From AED 280
Gold Matte Black Silver From AED 280

As well as blue light filtering, each pair includes scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses that also block 100% of UV rays

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